Friday, January 31, 2014

Tough days

We've been having some hard days at the hospital. The wards have been busy, and there have been a number of really sick people, both adults and kids. The challenges, similarly seen at just about every hospital in the region, are many: not enough staff, medication shortages, not enough diagnostic tests, trouble getting specialists to come when they say they will. We're doing a pretty good job, all things considered. The hospital has made some amazing strides in the last one and a half years. And the attitude of the staff is overall positive, which is a big difference from a lot of African government hospitals I've worked in. As tired and frustrated as we all get sometimes, I feel like this hospital is doing better and better, and the community seems to be benefitting. 


TioJack said...

Glad you and your colleagues are having an impact on your hospital and community. Continue to provide care and loving to your patients, and continue to help your fellow doctors and nurses. Hope all is well with Mimi. See you soon. God bless you all.

Tio Jack

Jefe said...

Gracias, Tio. Thanks for reading, and for your words of encouragement. All is well here, and thankfully also with Mimi back home. Hasta pronto.