Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome back

Hi, again. Mimi and I have just returned for another trip to the village of Sagam in western Kenya. We made the journey from Penngrove to San Francisco to Amsterdam and then on to Nairobi, Kisumu, and then little Sagam. We were quickly reminded how tough things can get at this little hospital. I was seeing patients when we heard a great commotion outside and people running down the halls with wheelchairs. A truck had brought in multiple victims of a crash between a motorcycle and a vehicle. One of our nurses was involved and is pretty seriously hurt. At the same time, a woman with a preterm pregnancy presented with a complication involving the umbilical cord coming out of the uterus prior to delivery of the baby. The cord then becomes compressed and oxygen-rich blood from the mom ceases to flow to the baby.  Unfortunately, the infant did not survive. The medical team here is great and supportive during these tough times. Here's praying that these times will be few and far between.

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