Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrating Life

Today was a pretty good Sunday. I went for a pretty decent run around the less-traveled byways of the village. I had a good running mix on my old and faithful iPod, the skies were pleasantly overcast, and the land was verdant. We had power for over half the day, and that allowed me to catch up a little on my emails, to do some work,  and to finally taste the squash that we'd been trying to cook for the last few days due to intermittent power outages. The highlight of the afternoon was going to the house of one of our patients to celebrate his 66th birthday. His pastor, church choir, and several family members were in attendance to celebrate this man's successful survival of multiple ailments that he's been treated for at our little hospital over the last 6 months. We hummed some hymns, ate a meal of green grahams, pilau, fries, chapati, avocado, and banana, and then sang different renditions of happy birthday as he cut  into his pink and white icing birthday cake. We were touched to be invited and wish him a wonderful 66th, and an even better 67th revolution around the sun.

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