Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday: Last Day of Rounds

Today was my last day of rounding with the clinical officers (COs) on the wards. With the trolly of lab and x-ray order forms tagging along with us, we visited the patients first on the male ward, then the female ward, and finished up with the pediatrics ward. One of our patients passed away suddenly last night. We knew she was elderly and quite sick, but I was still surprised and taken aback by the news. Her family had been doing such a good job caring for her at the bedside. I hope they are doing OK.

Thankfully, a lot of patients were doing better and several went home. The patients were here with varied afflictions - from malaria to malaise, and from acne to AIDS. As usual, some patients didn't really need to be in the hospital. Others needed to be in a  much better equipped hospital than ours. But we did the best that we could with what we had at hand.

I've enjoyed working with our cadre of full-time COs. They are hard working and have their hearts in the right place. Their clinical skills have also really advanced over these many months.  As I watch the decisions made by some of the visiting part-time COs that pass through, I'm at once disheartened by the quality of education they've received but also impressed with how far our great COs have come. It's been a pleasure working with them and hope they continue to care for their patients and teach their peers for many years to come. 

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