Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing Well With Others

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I've been tired and a bit burnt out. But I've had some days off, and I'm feeling better. Recharged. Ready to take on the world! Or at least ready to wrote a blog entry.

I've been training for South Sudan's first half marathon, scheduled auspiciously on my 34th birthday this Saturday. Unfortunately today I heard it's postponed for a month due to a lack of proper permits. That's not cool. I'm not turning 34 in a month. Why wasn't I consulted on this? And I want my 12 dollar registration fee back, thank you.

The good news is that South Sudan and Sudan as of a few days ago are no longer at war. Well, that's not exactly correct, since I think they weren't really at war last week. And we might be at war today, depending on which politician you ask. But nevertheless, the South has pulled out of the border town and oil field they overtook. That should make everyone feel better, especially my Mom. There are rumors that the military is pulling out after hearing what my mom said she'd do to them. Thanks, Mom!

But the bad news is that the two countries are still refusing to get along. All this over some oil that happens to be a measly 98% of the wealth of South Sudan. I wish cars ran on love and it cost $100 a barrel. Do I sound like I live in Northern California?

Otherwise, things are status quo at the hospital. That's to say that things are not well. We continue to face the frustrations of medications not being given, labs not being drawn, and house staff not showing up. No electricity much of the day and night (apparently this has had an effect on the morgue), no IV tubing, little access to oxygen...you get the idea. We've just changed our consultant schedule so that the local house staff is given more responsibility (i.e., they do the work that we have been doing for them), and so that we can focus a little more on lecturing and bedside teaching instead of getting burnt out seeing the patients ourselves without speaking their language.

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