Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cape Town and 9th Trip to Mokhotlong

Cape Town and Stellenbosch

We flew out to Cape Town for a long Easter weekend. The trip was great. We stayed in South African wine country, enjoying good wine, cheese, chocolate, and breath taking panoramas. It was so similar to being back in Sonoma County. Similarly Cape Town proper was very reminiscent of San Francisco in so many ways. Located on the ocean, surrounded by fog laden hills, with a vibrant gay population and happening night life, this trip made me feel like I was back in the Bay Area.

Interim Week in Maseru

That was a routine week at the COE. We’re still seeing lots of patients a day, trying hard to finish before dusk some days. Not too much to report.

Back to Mokhotlong

Another week of outreach in the mountains of Mokhotlong. I drove 900 km, much over unpaved roads, and visited 5 rural health centers this week. Mornings are still consisting of rounding with the docs in the children’s ward. The patients on the ward mostly are fighting pulmonary infections and malnutrition. Additionally, an adolescent with meningitis not responding to antibiotic treatment was being transferred to Queen Elizabeth 2 hospital, and another young boy was in traction for a displaced femoral shaft fracture. Most days I returned with a patient for admission: a man with wasting and likely TB, a woman with likely TB whose child recently passed from TB meningitis, and another man with wasting and intractable hiccups for the last 3 months. I had to read about this condition, which has over 100 causes, from central nervous system syphilis to toxic-metabolic causes to phrenic nerve irritation. The drive back was gorgeous. Fall is here, and the hills are starting to dry up a little bit, bringing red grass to contrast the green shrubs on the hillside. More beautiful yet are the pink, violet and white wild flowers that dominate much of the midlands and some of the highlands. The weekend was spent in celebration of Susie’s (Kick For Life) and Kameko’s (Clinton Foundation) birthdays. Anu is getting ready to celebrate his birthday alone in Thaba Tseka on outreach this week L as am I in 3 weeks when I go back to Mokhotlong for my 10th trip. More stories to come!

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